Fail Gaming / Guild Profile

Guild Name Fail Gaming
Guild Tag [FAIL]
Last Updated 16th April, 2019
Server Warhound [PvP]
Faction Exiles
Style & Focus Strict/Hardcore PvX
Language(s) English
Location United States
Discord N/A
Twitter @FailGaming_
Voice Comms TeamSpeak
Members 11-50
Guild Leader(s) Kibbz, Anythinger, TehG00SE
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 18
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -5
Activities SocialisingRoleplaying20 Man Raiding40 Man RaidingOpen World PvPAdventuresDungeonsWarplotsArenasBattlegroundsQuesting

General Guild Info

Editors Note: As I have started creating this mainly for Wildstar, most information will be based on it. Over time, I will add more based on community and other games

The FAIL Charter

Fail Gaming is a PVP Gaming community reaching out to dominate the PVX world. FAIL was formed by a small group of people in Tampa Bay, Florida and has grown across the country over the years in a number of PVP based games. At it's heart, FAIL is a competitive PvP powerhouse that wants to apply our unique approach of hardcore PvP to PvE and dominate both sides of the spectrum, all while maintaining if not better than ever, our goal to be a home for everyone based on what you want to offer, not what you can offer. This meaning, we don't recruit based on skill, we recruit on the drive; the motivation to be better, and not just better, the best; and in turn, as a community we become the best. We believe strongly in results before excuses, and our all or nothing approach to everything we do. Welcome to Fail Gaming, where the greatest barrier to success, is the fear of failure. Below you will find information pertaining to our core policies, rules, structure, etc.

1. - Purpose

The purpose of FAIL has always been one thing, to dominate, and we do so quite well. The difference between us, and everyone else claiming to want the same, is that for 1, we achieve it. And for 2, we do so while teaching everyone to go out and do the same. We do not recruit based on skill; as mentioned before, being good is not enough, wanting to be better is the ultimate driving force in everything about gaming. We have never forced anyone out of their comfort zone to achieve victory. We are strong believers in playing the game how you want to play the game. We challenge our members, and our community to push the meta, break the meta, write your own. Dominate the competition through skill, tactics and knowledge rather than the easiest way based on game design, or recent patches that cause FOTM tactics and playstyles. We were built on hardcore PVP, we look to define hardcore PVX. We recognize that any one person can change the outcome of a situation, with just a simple injection of tactics, one can make all the difference in a fight, BG, Raid, any aspect of the game, any game. This knowledge far surpasses skill, or even in game items. We do not only strive to be the most skilled, but we aim to win across the board by out skilling, out gearing and out classing our opponents. We grow together as a community; we work together as a guild. Anything can be done with knowledge. ""The only source of knowledge is experience"". We constantly strategize and analyze to optimize our presence on the battlefield or on the raid trackers. We set goals for ourselves that nobody else wants to try, we use strategies nobody else wants to attempt. We push the meta game to its limits and write our own. The true way a game should be played. Why set forth to be a mindless drone following cookie cutter builds and loadouts, why not create your own recipe? Nobody plays your character like you, why should you play how someone else thinks you should? You dont have to reinvent the wheel, but why not add some tread to the tires. Mold your playstyle, don't become someone elses. We will never tell you how to play your character, learn your follies, learn your strengths, and then better yourself with this knowledge. We will gladly offer suggestions, only you can master your style. We will train it, mold it, promote it and together, we will dominate with it.

We do demand perfection. We also do not expect to ever achieve it. We will however do whatever it takes to become as close as possible. “Winners practice until they get it right, Champions practice until they can’t get it wrong.” I learned this saying at a young age, and have pushed that standard in every leadership role I have ever held and taught it to every student I ever taught and have always come out on top. Many other people will call themselves “Hardcore”, none of them will live up to the name. We have in the past and in time we will show them exactly what it means to be a Hardcore PVXer.

2. - Membership

Fail Gaming follows a unique ranking structure. Higher roles are not looked at as popularity, but someone with more responsibility. Anything above recruit is expected to contribute to the guild with strategies, content, ideas, knowledge or anything else to aid us on our journey to Domination. The Guild Master, Chancellor's, and Council Members ideas will obviously stand out, however, they are not final. As stated before, we are all new to this game. We know how to go about the basic road to success, but do not know every bump in the road. As members, officers and recruits you are here to help the guild as a whole become the dominating force we want to be. Guildmaster and the officer roles are only in position to push towards the goal reaching it can only happen through our members. Strong members can only turn into strong leaders. The goal for us has always been to be the name that stands out. In World PvP or in BG's or even PVE Content, we want people to say “oh game over Fail is here”. We want any ONE member of Fail to be able to walk into any situation and lead it to victory. Higher ranks are not given by your ability to play the game, but your ability to lead others in it. That ability does not come with gear, or ranks, its a whole other part of the game you will learn here.

2.1 - Ranks

It is worth noting, that individual game leadership does not always reflect community leadership. We choose the leadership of individual games based on past accomplishments, and what we believe will better structure us for success in individual games. The current staff of the FAIL community consist of 1 owner, and 3 co-owners, all split multiple roles. We are looking for active individuals to help us in community work, if you are interested please contact us. We are looking for active individuals to help us in community work, if you are interested please contact us. - Leaving or Removal

Often we are met with situations where members need to be removed, or leave on their own. Where as this sucks, its not always the end of days. Given our unique approach to things, the current, "typical" gamer does not always fit into what we do right away. We are elitist in our own right, but we only view ourselves above our opponents, not our friends. People often don't get this, and as we are forced to contend with peoples self inflamed egos, epeens, and over worth. There HAS to be a level of humbleness to merge with us. We want good players, we do not need good players that think they deserve wha that have never earned. You can be very easily ranked higher than leadership, leadership will not continue to praise you for it.. they will stop asking why you are not better, always push. That being said, there are often times, where people chose to leave, or are removed in a civil manner, often for the same reasons, we cannot, and will not continue to prove ourselves to anyone, grow with us, or grow without us, the point is to grow. If you choose, or we choose for you, to chase what you are after elsewhere, then please do so, down the road, you will always have a home here, and you will be welcomed back at the same level you left. Our idea for doing this, is what you go out and do, what you accomplish, and what you learn, could've been at a faster pace than what we have, and you in turn, can only help us grow. As long as you are willing to come back with the attitude of being apart of something, then please do. This may be different in the case of Council Members, they may not come back as Council Members, but this will be handled case by case, and based on how the members of the guild feel.

2.1.1 - Fail Gaming Community

2.1.2 - Wildstar

Currently in game guild management isnt exactly a focus of Carbine, so the IN-GAME Roles will be lacking, as they are very limited. All ranks will be displayed on the website profile/forums. - Leadership - Role Specific Ranks

These are role specific for people wishing to specialize and focus one end of the guild. These will be the members that know the strats, have the gear, and who you want to see by your side. Dedication beyond what is expected and have done everything possible to better themselves as individuals, and players and fast tracking their way to Council Membership. It is only possible to fast track past "Champion" to these ranks, you must be at least a veteran member of the guild to begin earning these ranks.

PVE: (Note: These are work in progress, names could change, and even the order presented.)

PVP: (Note: These are work in progress, names could change, and even the order presented.) - Standard Guild Ranking

3. - Code of Standards & Guidelines

These are expected from every member from the top to the bottom, from day one and beyond. Most of these are typical, some are quite unique. Read them, you will need too. Our goal is to provide you with someone you likely have not experienced before, and in turn, assuming these are all the standard could get you undesired results! These are all equally important, no specific order.

4. - Loot Policies

Loot Policies can vary from game to game, but generally, they do not. If so, they will be noted here.

4.1 - Wildstar

This being a sensitive subject, and we have all had bad experiences with each, we see fundamental flaws with how we run our guilds and using the DKP system, and until we have the time to sit down, and recode DKP to our liking, we will be using an Officer loot system. This will be based raid to raid so the amount of times you attend only increases your chances of getting loot because you are there. Loot will be distributed based on performance in that raid, determined by meters, and the raid leader at the time, and other officers if need be. The same person cannot get have another chance at loot in the raid unless

Note: Obviously Main Tank/Offtanks will be focused for gear, along with main healers. Tanks keep agro, Tanks stay alive, we all live happily ever after.

Note 2: We are well aware of officer loot being done wrong, its very easy to do wrong, but it is very easy to do right if monitored which we fully plan to do.

4.1.1 - Temporary Loot Amendment -

Being very early into the game, we will be doing Need/Greed based loot or even round robin based on classes that can use the items. This will require a large amount of responsibility and trust amongst the guild. Obviously we will remove people attempting to abuse this. Main spec and Off spec will be approached case by case.

4.2 - Other Games

These will be handled Game by Game, currently Fail currently does not have stake in any other Loot Policy driven games.

5 - In Closing

In closing, FAIL as a guild, and a community both strive to the same excellence. We will believe anyone can bring themselves to high levels of gameplay without having to nerf their own enjoyability and style to cater to the meta. We believe in pushing, but never pulling past what they are willing to do. Comfort goes hand and hand with fun, when you are pushed too far out of your comfort zone unwillingly, you lose enjoyment in the game, and ultimately thats what we are all here for. Individually we may not be the best, but the goal is to take a group of fail, or put someone from fail in charge of a group, and come out on top, through perseverance, knowledge and skill learned along side it. We may be new to Wildstar, but we are by no means new to PVP, or PVE. We understand the design differences between games, but the fundamentals between all games are mostly shared. The same basics often ignored, are generally identical across all platforms, and all games. These fundamentals are usually where people fail, the fundamentals are the chinks in the armor, you either fix, or ignore to your demise(loss). We have a lot to learn, but we in turn have more to teach, to those willing to learn.

6 - Contacting FAIL

7 - Acquisition milestones


7.1 - Wildstar


8 - Updates / Modifications / Amendments